Total Filter TF1

Heating water filter with the fastest and easiest
mounting and cleaning.

Product description

A revolutionary innovation in heating water filtration. Total Filter is applicable to all heating systems, whether central heating or underfloor heating, thus preventing the ingress of dirt into the fine gas or electric boiler design.

The filter can be cleaned without having to drain the entire heating. Some manufacturers of gas and condensing boilers require the installation of such a filter into the heating system in order to comply with the warranty. The Total filter is made of plastic, with a magnet bar inside and the filtration itself is a cyclone effect.


- a unique effect, captures all dirt and sludge

- for both horizontal and vertical piping

- the F-series product dispensing hole

- cleaning the filter in a few seconds, without dismantling or uncovering

- does not block and does not limit flow

- contains all necessary fittings

- weight: 2 kg


Total Filter The TF1 is the only filter using patented technology that combines the effect of cyclone action with a specially designed magnet with the possibility of its removal, to capture and store both magnetic and non-magnetic impurities and sludges from the heating system. It is the most effective full filter on the market.

Frequently asked Questions

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Installation and use

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