Installation instructions

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Package contains:

- Total Filter TF1

- 2 x valves for piping

- 2 x rubber gaskets for valves

- 1 x the key on the lid

- set of seals

- installation and use instructions

- maintenance and servicing sticker

Always install the TF1 in a vertical position with easy service access, ie: on the vertical riser to the boiler. Leave enough space above the device to allow the magnet and cyclone system to be removed and under the hose attachment or the appropriate container. The damper valve is mounted in the factory and can not be separated or set.

  • Installation options
    1. Switch off the boiler and drain the system.
    2. Measure and remove the part of the pipe where you will install the TF1. For the 22 mm pipe, remove the 210 mm section (remove the 220 mm section for the 28 mm pipe).
    3. Install the supplied flanged valves.
    4. Fit the TF1 to the valve flanges; make sure that the rubber seals of the valve are correctly positioned. The device should be mounted so that the flow direction in the heating circuit agrees with the directional arrows on the inlet feed channel.
    5. Tighten all joints. Be careful not to override the valve flange nuts connected to the TF1 Input Access Channel.

    For a horizontal downhill flow line, add a yellow sealing ring and a black delimiter.

    For a horizontal downward flow line, add a blue sealing ring and a blue delimiter.

    For a horizontal downward flow line, add a blue sealing ring and a blue delimiter.

    For a downward vertical duct, add a red seal ring and a red delimiter pad.
  • Installation with other pipe alignment
    1. Release the lid sleeve to unlock the input / output channel from the main body of the device.
    2. Replace the black sealing ring attached to the inlet / outlet duct with the appropriate sealing ring supplied in the TF1 kit and before inserting it, insert the appropriate spacer pad between the main body and the I / O channel.
    3. Tighten the lid of the lid using the key.
    Note: The protrusion of the lid sleeve must be aligned with the block on the inlet feed channel. To fully tighten the lid, you need to use the key.

  • Cleaning the device
    Option one - fast cleaning

    1. Switch off the boiler and close the inlet and outlet valves on the TF1.
    2. Drag the magnet from the center of the lid to allow the captured magnetic particles to fall into the lower swirl section. Wait for 30 seconds to allow the magnetic particles to settle.
    3. Remove the cover and key of the exhaust valve from the deburring valve. Either connect the hose to the tile point at the bottom of the appliance using a standard hose tip, or place a suitable sludge trap under the device.
    4. Open the vent valve with the cover and wrench of the deburring valve and drain the sludge from the device.
    5. Carefully open the filter outlet valve for a while and rinse the remaining trapped sludge.
    6. Close the valve and reinsert the cover. Load the magnet back and open the inlet and outlet valves.

    Option two - manual cleaning

    1. Switch off the boiler and close the inlet and outlet valves on the TF1.
    2. Drain the pressure from the device through the breather valve. Unscrew the lid and, together with the lid, fold the magnet assembly.
    3. Select the magnet and remove or remove the remaining magnetic particles from the filter body. Note: This method only cleanses the material captured in the magnet assembly. If necessary, the remaining sludge may be discharged through the deburring point. It is a good practice to replace the lid seal after cleaning with this method.
    4. Load the magnet back into the body and replace the TF1.

Frequently asked Questions

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